Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering Our Heroes

Today is Memorial Day so I think it's appropriate that we remember our fallen heroes ... those who have sacrificed their lives protecting the freedoms we Americans sometimes take for granted. Even though we are in the midst of a recession, we have a wonderful country with the freedom to speak our minds and travel where we want, when we want.

I'd also like to thank our current Military personnel and Veterans. Thank you for keeping us safe!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to change fog light bulbs in a 2008 Infinti G35x Sedan

I wanted to change the factory white fog light bulbs to a 3000K yellow bulb. I had read a few posts on the Internet that explained I would have to remove either the front fascia or under-body wheel well shields (which also included jacking up the car and removing the wheels) in order to replace the bulbs. Even though that is a royal pain in the a** I figured I'd give it a shot one afternoon.

Instead, I found I could get to the bulbs in a far easier way ... by temporarily moving the air filter boxes (starting with the driver side box first):

1. Remove the bolt and loosen the hose clamp holding the airbox. The bolt has a 10mm head and much easier to remove using a ratchet instead of a screw driver. The hose clamp can be loosened with a flat-head screwdriver. The hose can be "wiggled" off of the airbox once the clamp is loose enough. This photo shows the bolt and clamp locations:

2. Move the airbox aside. It will still be connected to the vehicle so be careful and place the airbox to the side without stressing the connection:

3. Disconnect, remove, and replace bulb. The foglight bulb is the one that is connected with the brownish connector. The connector can be removed by holding down the clip on the front and carefully pulling it loose from the bulb. The bulb can then be removed by turning it about 1/4 of a turn and then pulling it out. Follow the opposite steps to replace the bulb. (Note that I found it easier on the passenger side to reconnect the bulb to the vehicle BEFORE putting it back into the housing whereas on the driver side it was easier to reconnect it AFTER putting the bulb in the housing.)

4. Replace the air filter box by reconnecting the hose, reinstalling the 10mm bolt, and tightening the hose clamp. The hose should be lined up in the same orientation as it was originally. There is a small cut-out on the air box that lines up with a spot on the hose that makes it easy to line up. Make sure the air box is seated properly. There are a number of spots where it needs to be lined up. If in doubt, check the other air box to make sure it is seated properly.

5. Do the same for the passenger side. The process is basically the same, except there is the extra step of temporarily removing the washer fluid upper fill tube to allow better access to the bulb. To remove the tube there is a plastic push-style retainer:

Pull up gently on the inner portion of the retainer (you can see in the photo above that this inner portion is pulled up above the lower portion) and while holding it raised with one hand, pull the lower portion up with the other hand. It might take some wiggling, but the retainer should pull out relatively easily. Once the retainer is out you can pull the tube up while twisting it slightly back and forth and it will slide right out. Here is a photo showing the tube removed:

6. After replacing the bulb on the passenger side, replace the washer fluid tube BEFORE putting the air filter box back in place. Just slide the tub back in place and attach with the retainer. The retainer is a little tricky to replace. You first have to pull up the inner section and hold it up while pressing in the outer section. (The retainer won't fit if you try to push it in with the inner section down.) Here is a photo of how the retainer should look when you put it back in:

Follow the same steps as for the driver side to replace the air box, etc.

Here's a daylight shot of the headlamp with the new yellow bulbs:

Once I get my car washed I'll take another photo or two when it's dusk/dark so you can see more of the effect.

Good luck! Feel free to e-mail me with any questions about the installation.